Published on: Sept. 25, 2018

Almost all of us grew up with dreams of being a Doctor, an Engineer or an IAS officer; some went on a slightly different path and thought of becoming pilots and astronauts; that there are careers other than it, we never really knew or thought about.

All these aspirations kept apart, whatever career we had thought of undertaking as a kid turned into a long forgotten dream and we were lost in the mass hysteria of giving one competitive exam or the other, finally becoming the mundane job goer.

Ever gave a thought why this happened, why suddenly we found ourselves in a crowd of lacs of students giving the same exam while many potentially attractive and fulfilling careers still awaited applications over thousands. The result is competition at the wrong places and us competing for what we were never really prepared for.

It is for this reason that it is necessary that we know our strengths and prepare accordingly. Many of us drop a year after school and prepare, wonder what if we always modelled our studies to suit our chosen career later- we would have saved a drop year, the money that we spent in the coaching (studying less and getting depressed more) and our performance would have got enhanced without doubt.

Also, these added years of practice, would have made our aptitude a habit instead of some knowledge that gets acquired over a comparatively miniscule period of time.

It is thus necessary that we make ourselves career ready right from the beginning. To further support this fact, and the readers can actually check it that most of the European and East (not South-east) Asian nations follow the same pattern of education whereby the students are taught subjects based on their interest and career-excellence abilities. The results shown by the students of these nations are in-front of us all and we can easily conclude on the reason for the same.

Leaving this on a thinking note for the readers-

Indians are known to be among the genetically best brains in the world, yet most of us fail in the face of competition with the European and American nations- where are we lacking then when class 10th onwards, the only thing most of us did was to study?


Last Updated on: Sept. 25, 2018